• Carlynne Lawler

CincySpots- Iris BookCafe

Today we are featuring Iris BookCafe and Gallery! This is a super sweet little coffee and book shop on Main street downtown. They have a variety of tasty snacks, coffees, and more books than your eager eyes could ever devour! Their treats are made from locally sourced, all-natural ingredients, so you can feel good about every bite.

While their food is local, their vintage book collection is global. They carry books on architecture, art, fashion, philosophy, literature, poetry, drama, film, photography, cooking, famous gardens, Americana, and foreign language. They offer children’s books in many languages, and they host the largest collection of Polish books in Cincinnati

I always see things through the eyes of a portrait photographer, and every corner of this shop would make for an awesome photo location! The beautiful vintage books and the killer patio do not fail to impress.

They have space for quiet indoor study, and a gorgeous outdoor patio that I absolutely cannot wait to visit again! They sell a variety of books covering loads of topics. For those looking for a unique read, definitely check this place out!

Iris BookCafe and Gallery 1331 Main St Cincinnati Phone: 513-381-BOOK (2665)

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