• Carlynne Lawler

CincySpots: Deeper Roots Coffee, Oakley

Today's post is a sweet little coffee shop, Deeper Roots Coffee Oakley!

We spent some time here after breakfast and it was the very best start to the day!

Here's a bit about their history:

The vision for who we are here at Deeper Roots Coffee started in 2006 at the start of a local cafe in Cincinnati. The drive to improve coffee quality gave the cafe a name in the city as a great third place and a quality cup of coffee & espresso. Eventually the focus on quality improvement lead us to origin, thus starting an importing relationship of an Antiguan coffee from Guatemala as well as starting development work with a local group of farmers.

In 2010 the Espresso Guild, a non-profit here in Cincinnati, was born out of the desire to do more behind the scenes work with consulting, machine sales and maintenance, training, research & development and continued work with farmers in Guatemala to improve their product and quality of life. The Espresso Guild became a regionally recognized name in barista training and we used that time to invest in more of our own coffee education, barista competitions and leading educational origin trips.

More and more investment on the farmer development side of things birthed Deeper Roots Development which is a non-profit created to serve coffee farmer development in a more direct and tangible way. Through DRD our coffee farmers in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala were completely processing all of their coffee by harvest season 2014. From bringing green coffee back 5lbs at a time in our suitcases in 2005 to determine the coffee quality to getting our farmers all the way to their own processing facility has been a long but rewarding road and we're excited to see what they bring each season as we start to strategize about repeating this model in another country.

In 2012 Deeper Roots Coffee was born. Deeper Roots Coffee is a for-profit business created to bring all of what we're talented at and industry leaders in under one roof to be scalable. With the birth of Deeper Roots Coffee we started roasting our own coffee out of a desire to have a direct say in the quality control of the product we are trying to showcase. We also are continuing all of our training services but have scaled it in a big way to be able to offer our region the highest level of training possible. We have also scaled our machine sales and maintenance to offer our cafes and customers the equipment they want while also being able to maintain it in a cost-effective way. Deeper Roots Coffee exists to bring excellence to our industry while pairing up directly with development organizations to help fund development work with farmers internationally.

Deeper Roots Coffee https://www.deeperrootscoffee.com/ 3056 Madison Rd Cincinnati, Ohio 45209 (513) 913-9489Hours: M-F: 6:30a - 6p S-S: 8a - 6p

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