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Model Stories: The Amazing Lucy Lips

Lucy Lips, Photographed by Bergette Photography, January 2017

Lucy Lips is a San Antonio based artist. From our very first meeting I knew she was something special.

I captured these images in January 2017, and despite my best efforts at the time I was unable to edit them in a way that really made my vision come to life. In the latest installment of my Model Stories series, I am hosting this set of images with a fresh edit. Model Stories is a continuing project of mine where I bring the words of the subject to life by combining them with my favorites from our shoot. Read on to hear Lucy's story. <3 -cw

In her own words:

Lucy Lips started out with no name. As I experimented with drag throughout my time at college, creating over-the-top costumes for the many themed costume parties, I never had intention to develop a character or continue the practice after graduation. It wasn't until nearly a year after college, as I began my journey into the tech industry, that I considered naming my queenly persona.

"Lucy" came from the play of the same name by Damien Atkins that I directed my final semester at college (I was a theatre major), and I knew that I wanted a traditional play-on-words last name.

The first time I went out and about with the full-name-decided was at the RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 Premiere Party in Austin. Since then, it's been such a fabulous journey! Lucy started as a socialite of sorts- I would only venture out after spending weeks crafting/designing/commissioning pieces for the next head-to-toe look.

Around the same time, I was also falling in love with the art of burlesque. I had become so disenchanted with theatre after graduating, that discovering burlesque (thanks to my good Judy, Vixy Van Hellen), felt like a breath of fresh air. So after some time of being a devoted fan of the Pastie Pops, I eventually weaseled my way into the troupe and Lucy Lips made her performance debut.

Lucy Lips allows me to funnel my various creative energies and talents into a physical form. In a lot of ways, I use her as a billboard for the artists, designers, and costumers that I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with.

While Lucy Lips is very much an extension of my being and a character that I am constantly trying to improve and expand on, I am sometimes even more proud that Lucy Lips is an excuse for me to build a community with some of the best entertainers, artists and designers that I love so dearly.

Thank you so much Carlynne for believing in me and my drag, and I am so glad the universe brought us together! Here's to many more years of working together!

-Lucy Lips

Lucy and I met through our mutual friend Addison during a trip to Houston to visit me and update his portraits. What he didn't tell me was how absolutely amazing his close friend Lucy is and that she was going to make such an impression on me. What started out as just Addi's straightforward head-shot session quickly turned into one of my favorite shoots ever. Not only were Addison's photos flawless, but Lucy's just blew me away. I love the vivid color!

Equipment Used:

(4) YongnuoYN560IV speedlights

Off-brand Flash Disc modifiers from Amazon

$12 double honeycomb snoot from Ebay

$2 speedlight mounted gel kit from Ebay

A few light stands, a backdrop stand, and absolutely the worst piece of crappy vinyl fabric imaginable that we used as a makeshift backdrop.

Setting: Unfinished garage apartment

Edited in:

Lightroom CC

Photoshop CC

Portrait Professional 17

My favorite thing in the world is using my modest setup with my knowledge of lighting basics to create something that looks refined and beautiful. I love these shots! Photographers in general seem to get weighed down by their "lack of gear" and I want this shoot to prove that you really can make something out of nothing if you stick to the basics and problem solve. One day I may be one of those photographers rolling around with $25,000 worth of Profoto in my carrying case, but for now I am very proud of what I have been able to create with what I have.

The Pastie Pops are an award winning San Antonio based Burlesque Troupe with an unmistakable style and energy. If you're ever in the lone star state, check out their schedule of events and prepare yourself for an amazing show!

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