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Model Stories: Addison Roush

Addison is a writer based in ATX. This shoot is a re-edit of our first headshot session in January 2017

I captured these images in January 2017, and despite my best efforts at the time I was unable to edit them in a way that really made my vision come to life. In the latest installment of my Model Stories series, I am hosting this set of images with a fresh edit. Model Stories is a continuing project of mine where I bring the words of the subject to life by combining them with my favorites from our shoot. Read on to hear Addison's story. <3 -cw

Carlynne asked me to write some paragraphs and at first nothing would come to me. I didn’t know what I should write about.

She told me to tell a story. Growing up, there was always a camera around in my house. It didn’t matter the occasion, really. Birthday parties, hanging out by the pool, lunch, Christmas, Fourth of July, an outing to a flea market, mowing the lawn: a camera was almost always there. Just to snap a picture or two for us to look back on. A glimpse into a moment, however mundane, to remind us of the times we had together as a family.

My grandparents, in particular, loved taking photos of us. Any chance they could get they would snap a picture or two of us doing the most ordinary of childhood things. I have a picture of my cousins and I eating PB&Js for lunch. They wanted to capture it all.

To some, the constant snap shots may seem silly. But looking back at those pictures, however menial my family’s photography skills may be or how “everyday” they may seem, there’s a sort of magic in those pictures. There’s a happiness swimming in them.

You can feel the love within them. Every moment was special- because it was ours; every picture clambering to spill out its thousand words to you.

You can almost hear the laughter we shared, feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair, smell the chlorine wafting from your skin, or taste the potato chips we devoured. I know that may sound weird or silly- but I honestly don’t care. To me- they’re magic.

I think that’s the beauty of a photographer: their ability to capture a moment and its magic.

Whether it’s a picture of happiness or sadness or somewhere in between, however profound or mundane- it’s there. For you. Forever.

Carlynne and I worked at the same photography studio together for a brief moment, and we never actually met in person. But right away we both bonded over the beauty of photography and the potential in its power.

The photoshoot she and I had together may have just been for headshots, but when I look at those photos I’ll also remember the damp Houston air, the makeshift studio we set up in the garage apartment of a friend’s house, the jokes we made, and the magic we made.

-Addison Roush

Equipment Used:

(4) YongnuoYN560IV speedlights

Off-brand Flash Disc modifiers from Amazon

$12 double honeycomb snoot from Ebay

A few light stands, a backdrop stand, and absolutely the worst piece of crappy vinyl fabric imaginable that we used as a makeshift backdrop. Black is the awful vunyl, ble is a roll of seamless paper from Savage Universal.

Setting: Unfinished garage apartment

Edited in:

Lightroom CC

My favorite thing in the world is using my modest setup with my knowledge of lighting basics to create something that looks refined and beautiful. I love these shots! Photographers in general seem to get weighed down by their "lack of gear" and I want this shoot to prove that you really can make something out of nothing if you stick to the basics and problem solve. One day I may be one of those photographers rolling around with $25,000 worth of Profoto in my carrying case, but for now I am very proud of what I have been able to create with what I have.

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