• Carlynne Lawler

Tip Of the Week: Creating A Holiday Workflow

Every single year I seem to have the same struggle: What do I post to market for the upcoming holiday?

Every year it is the same story: A holiday is on the horizon and I want to take full advantage of it by making some marketing magic.... But what do I post? Did I do any Valentine's sessions last year? Which was the best one? What about Christmas?

After struggling through creating these types of posts, it hit me. Something so easy, so obvious, that I cannot believe I didn't think of it sooner:

Creating a Holiday Workflow

Step One:

Create a folder for your holiday advertising sample images. I placed mine alongside the other folders I create for sharing. Mine is simply called: Holiday

No need to make it any more complicated than that!

Step Two:

As you are working through your sessions, keep an eye out for images that would make for a killer holiday post. Do you have a wedding with loads of pinks or reds? This could be a killer Valentine's Day or Christmas advert.

Spooky wedding? Halloween. Nailed it!

Did a client wear a stunning emerald dress to one of your shoots? Blamo: St. Patrick's day in the bag.

I create a sub-folder in my Holiday section for each holiday just to keep things easy to navigate.

Step Three:

As you continue adding images to your folders, take a look at which holidays are approaching. Facebook has a great feature that allows you to schedule posts on your business page- Use it!

After I complete my editing for the day, if I found a really killer holiday image I will take a few minutes and make a post about it while the story of the image is still fresh in my mind.

I find that when I am rushed to put up a holiday post I will just fall into this bad habit of mine. Take a look through my older facebook posts and you will see me using this formula:

Killer Shot

Moderately relevant quote

website link


Boring. Snoozefest. No one cares about some random quote you found that happens to roughly relate to your image. You are an ARTIST! Act like one. Talk about what this image means and show off your personality. Photography is a tremendously personal art. Speak from the heart and use your own words, not someone else's.

Do your best to tell a little bit about the day.

Some questions to help you along:

Why are you shooting this session?

Was anything special requested of you?

Did anything noteworthy happen during the session?

Can you relate to this session in your personal journey?

You don't have to write a whole novel on every post, but a few lines telling a story will make a huge impact on your viewers.

Step Four: Revel in your badassery by enjoying one more thing you marked off of your endless to-do list.

Which holiday are YOU most excited to post about?

Much love,


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