• Carlynne Lawler

The biggest compliment I've ever gotten

I do photography. It's my thing.

It has been my thing for a while, and I like to think I'm not half bad.

When I was a little baby photographer, just 22 years old, I decided to get a job at a studio in The Woodlands Mall, north of Houston, Texas. Little did I know at the time that the friendships I would make would last a lifetime- I married the coworker I thought was just the WORST, still occasionally meet up for drinks with an old supervisor, and became lifelong best friends with one of the sales reps.

I ended up marrying the one in the blue. Bestie is the cutie in front, and I'm the grumpy looking one in the chucks. Husband still makes the exact same face in every picture.

This bubbly, intelligent, feisty little sixteen year old sales rep would turn into one of the most impressive women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I'm lucky to be able to call her my best friend.

Throwback to 2009- I found myself with a spare wedding dress, so the bestie and I decided to go out on a big fake bridal session adventure. I thought I was God's gift to photography.... oh how far I've come!

Indulge me for a moment, it's time to shower some praise on her so that you guys can see even a tiny percent of the reasons she constantly amazes me. This woman can get shit done, y'all. When we met at the studio, she had multiple jobs. She kept up her grades, and soon entered college, where she was accepted into an Excellence in Sales program. This little lady slayed it, and after college she accepted a position in Ohio despite all my halfhearted protests. I knew she was on to bigger and better things, but I still missed her all the same. Her trips home to Texas were filled with Lady Gaga and Pumpkin Spice Lattes and top-down mini cooper rides and I loved every second. Fast forward a little bit, and she not only has dominated her market, but beat every single other person in her line of work. By a lot. A lot lot. Today, she is in a VP position, like hella fancy. She's one of only 20 women to ever hold this position, the youngest to ever hold it, and the ONLY mother. THIS WOMAN, Y'ALL. She's killin it. If you can't tell by now, I take every opportunity I can to brag about her. (I'm so proud of you darlin, I love you every day.)

2015 During a whirlwind trip to DC

Ever since meeting her at that stressful, fast paced, competitive, difficult, BUSY studio, I've wanted the best for her. I hoped that one day she would be in a beautiful home, surrounded by a big family, shutting down mean ladies at Whole Foods, drinking her Cold Brew, wearing her perfect little outfits, and generally just having the best possible things life has to offer. 10 years later, she's got it. All of it.

I think of her as quite the big deal.

So, when this amazing woman asked me to photograph her wedding, I was elated. Then terrified. Then elated again. She deserves the best. The best of the best. She could have chosen anyone, but she chose me.

When the wedding day finally arrived, it was a tough balance of being le' bombass photographer but also being present in this incredibly exciting and emotional day.

Long story short, I freakin' killed it. I love the photos. I love that she has them, but just as much, I love that I have these beautiful photos of these beautiful people that I love so much. Her family is my family, by every definition except DNA.

I've never felt more honored than to be asked to do such an important thing, by such an incredible person that I love so much.

Thank you Punkin.

Who would have guessed that a minimum wage Studio position would lead me here.

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