• Carlynne Lawler

Love is an Adventure

These two right here, these are totally adventurous lovebirds that I cannot get enough of. Every time I see them it's an adventure, even our first meeting.

Let's paint a picture:

Last spring I was brand new to Cincinnati. Like "can't find the grocery store around the corner without GPS" new. I had just moved up from Houston, and a big part of me was worried my business wouldn't take off up here. Boy was I wrong, but that's a whole 'nother blog post.

One day I see this message from Mika'la on the Bergette Facebook page- She and her future husband are looking for a wedding photographer! I did my happy dance and then put my customer service voice on. Before I knew it, I had my first meeting for a potential wedding client in Ohio! Maybe this whole move would end up working out. (It did)

The day for our meeting arrives and I hop in my car for a meeting just outside Dayton. Google likes to route people around traffic, and there must have been something wild happening near the freeway because I was routed through all these tiny towns and back roads. Literally had no idea where I was, I could have been on Mars.

I call up Todd and Mika'la in a bit of a panic and explain what's going on. Our dinner meeting turned into a dessert meeting, then a drinks meeting, and when I finally arrived, a whopping HOUR late, empty drinks were on the table and I was certain I'd have no shot at getting this wedding. It turns out that I was sitting down with probably the coolest people ever, and after a few tequila shots (like so professional right) it turns out that we were a hell of a match. SHOOK, Y'ALL. My first wedding in Ohio was going to be with THESE GUYS. I mean just look at them. They're a dream!

Fast forward a few weeks and we meet up in a parking lot to head to our engagement session spot nearby. Todd is in automotive sales and has a sweet dealership, so when he rolled up in this SIIIICK flawless retro Regal I knew this was going to be a hell of a shoot.

Ever since the day that I met them for our tequila shot meeting, every time I see Todd on my caller ID I know I'm in for an adventure. Their wedding was no exception.

Todd and Mika'la chose to get married at The Willow Tree, in Tipp City Ohio.

Rain is supposed to be good luck on a wedding day, right? This couple must be swimming in luck, because it POURED all day. It was absolutely the best day ever.

The rain didn't matter. What did matter is that these two gathered their closest friends and family and united as a family. Their sweet babies were present, and what started as two families ended with one big, joyful, fairy tale ending. (With like, a lot of boob grabbing and kissing yaaaaas)

Yeah. You'd think my story would end there. You'd be wrong.

Then we went to Jamaica.

Honeymoon sessions are hands down, no contest my favorite thing to shoot. Can you guess why?

Think about it. You're engaged, yaaaaaas! So you do these kickass engagement photos and they're awesome. Then, the wedding day comes, YAAAAAAAS even better shots! THEN. Then you go on the most amazing trip you've ever taken and come home with an armful of selfies. Nooooooo! Be like Todd and Mika'la. They'll get to treasure these shots forever. And I got to go to Jamaica. Wins all around.

My travel time in Jamaica was an adventure in itself, and one of these days I'm going to share all the fun details, but for now you'll have to just settle for these killer shots of the newlyweds.

Be like Todd and Mika'la. Let's go on adventures together!

Love y'all


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