• Carlynne Lawler

I taught details at a wedding workshop :D

I'm a part of a community called ASCEND: A community for Cincinnati Photographers and I'm going to just take a moment to brag about them for a moment.

The -(insert 15 adjectives for AMAZING here)- Loren of Homeward Photography Co. (who did MY wedding photos by the way! 🥰) created a little nook of the internet for local Cincinnati photographers to lift each other up. Among the countless posts, members give each other helpful critiques, compliments, and honest opinions on each other's work. We share amazing locations, tricks of the trade, and generally create a space to encourage growth- so it only made sense that we should get together and do a workshop!

COUNTLESS hours went into planning every detail, and I cannot even BEGIN to talk about how much fun it was! Loren honored me by requesting that I teach a "details station." This is a part of wedding photography that I absolutely adore, and love to get creative with! I hope that each and every one of you that attended learned some fun new tricks to make your wedding day details POP!

Over the next few days I'll be blowing up your feed with my shots of beautiful custom pieces lent to us by the incredibly talented @honeydesignsjewelry

Thank you to everyone who helped bring it all together!

---------- Workshop Planners: Homeward Photography Co. + Melyssa Ann Photography Jeweler: @honeydesignsjewelry (Find her on Insta!) Florist: @thebuddingfloristcincy (Find them on Insta!)